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One user even noted that it's amusing how EA has reached a point where not featuring loot boxes in a game has become their marketing strategy for Jedi Fallen Order. Here's everything we learned about the game from its Star Wars Celebration 2019 panel. First up we have the game's release date which is slated for the holiday season.

The listing does not reveal which figure from the game will be included in this release.

The image shown above, as well as an earlier Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order teaser image depicting the same destroyed lightsaber hilt have been circulating the internet as part of a greater topic regarding the lightsaber's original owner, which is, supposedly, very significant.

Jedi: Fallen Order introduces several new locations, including a new planet called Bracca, where players will meet Cal. Cal is one of the last surviving Jedi Padawans, basically a Jedi apprentice, after the massacre caused by Order 66 which saw Jedi being hunted down as traitors. Cal Kestis is performance captured by rising actor Cameron Monaghan (Shameless and Gotham). "Within this narrative, we've crafted a game with intense, yet thoughtful and fun melee combat using the lightsaber and Force powers, allowing anyone to fulfill their Jedi fantasy".

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You also need to consider some of the creative talent working on the project, Stig Asmussen being a name many God of War fans are familiar with.

Fallen Order has officially been revealed by Respawn at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019. The game also features a new flavor of Stormtroopers dubbed Purgetroopers, who look as menacing as their name suggests thanks to their imposing black armor and heavy weapons. And check out our complete guide to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order preorder bonuses for more. Players will be able to play as a young Padawan named Cal Kestis who has survived the Emperor's secret decree, Order 66, which aimed to destroy all Jedi. You can also expect a fair amount of traversal and platforming challenges (a la Titanfall 2) as well as some puzzle solving.

Here's the official description, followed by the reveal trailer...

Neither multiplayer nor microtransaction will be present in the game.