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There will be no military victory.

Efforts towards a political resolution for Libya have foundered time after time.

He said that France and Italy, the two European powers with the most influence in north Africa, were "on the same wavelength". Italy warned that if the offensive doesn't stop, the worldwide community "will see what can be done".

In December Haftar met Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj from the UN-backed government at a conference but refused to attend official talks.

But, Parsons noted, there was no clarity on any enforcement measures.

After a closed-door emergency meeting in NY, the Security Council called on Haftar's forces to halt their advance and warned that those responsible for re-igniting the conflict will be held responsible. He now leads the Libyan National Army, which is advancing toward the United Nations -backed government in Tripoli.

The EU, for instance, is making strenuous efforts to ensure that the USA is seen to be telling Haftar to back off, and to tell his three principle external supporters - Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - to do the same. France is viewed as Haftar's closest ally in Europe.

In a communique, the foreign ministers urged Libya's rival factions to show restraint and put the interests of the OPEC producer's people first.

"We must store everything we need for the family, just in case, especially those with young children", said Farida, a mother pushing a full shopping cart.

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"We very much hope that he will take it into consideration".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Saturday called on all sides in the conflict to refrain from using military force, including warplanes, and seek a peaceful resolution of their differences.

Haftar then ordered his forces to march on the capital, saying in an audio recording posted online: "We are coming Tripoli, we are coming".

Local media outlets reported clashes as well in the vicinity of the old Tripoli International Airport, which has been seized by Haftar forces.

The group called for the parties attending the peace conference scheduled for April 14-16 to come up with a plan for a peaceful transition to nationwide elections. He brought his troops closer to Tripoli, which is controlled by the UN-backed Presidential Council and Government of National Accord and supporting militias.

Guaido has embarked on an worldwide campaign to topple the socialist administration of Venezuela's president amid deepening unrest in the country, which has been plagued by almost a month of power outages.

While Haftar has sold himself to the West as an anti-Islamist fighter, experts say he has close links to a branch of Salafists, called Madkhalists.

Despite the chorus of global concern over his actions, he has had support from powerful outside players, including the UAE and Egypt.