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"I made it clear, if I made anyone uncomfortable, I feel badly about that", he said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden who is mulling a 2020 presidential candidacy, speaks at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' (IBEW) construction and maintenance conference in Washington, U.S., April 5, 2019.

And, highlighting the tension between Biden and other forces within the Democratic Party, he again complained about attacks from "the far left" over his pledge to work with Republicans should he be elected president.

In Wednesday's video, Biden said, "I've never thought of politics as cold and antiseptic. And I'm proud of it". Her account was countered by scores of women - from prominent lawmakers to former staffers - who praised him as a warm, affectionate person and a supportive boss.

During his speech to the electrical workers union, Biden largely stuck to what is expected to be a persistent theme of his presidential campaign: the vitality of the nation's middle class.

Biden quipped: "I just want you to know - I had permission to hug Lonnie".

Brexit day passes after politicians fail to find solution
The DUP fears the backstop will threaten the constitutional integrity of the UK. The Labour leadership is also unlikely to back Mrs May's deal.

Afterward he spoke with reporters about the recent controversy.

Dingell said, "I'm from the midwest, and I'm going to tell you--I told you for three years... that President Trump could become president because he listened to people in the midwest, he talked about economic issues, he talked about issues that mattered to working people". That was in response to a question of whether he would directly apologize to the women he made feel uncomfortable. "Give everybody else their day, then I get a shot, then off to the races". Biden seemed to criticize his own party for walking away from the demographic in a nostalgia-drenched, 40-minute address. Asked if the allegations will change the way he campaigns, Biden said it would.

"You can have both conversations", she said. The crowd reacted. Joe Biden is Joe Biden. "We've gotten so damn elitist", he said. "What we can't do is blow it up".

When the woman responded that child sex trafficking is actually a very serious concern, he reportedly responded, "I really don't believe that". I hear what they're saying. If he runs for president he's going to win because he is Joe Biden. In Trump's version, a Biden avatar approaches Biden from behind and appears to grab his shoulders.

Trump said Friday he is "a very good messenger" to mock Biden and claimed that "people got a kick out of it".