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WASHINGTON-The White House unveiled a new budget resolution calling for a significant cut to federal government spending.

"Even with a strong economy, deficits are still a threat and this budget demonstrates the president's vision to restrain Washington spending and reach [a] balanced budget by 2034", Sanders said.

"Decades after building-out the core of our infrastructure, much of it is in urgent need of fix, expansion, and modernization", reads a fact-sheet released alongside the budget. Maggie Hassan, both D-N.H., used words such as "draconian" and "irresponsible" to describe the $4.7 trillion budget President Donald Trump released Monday, as they decried planned cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and Medicare. He has returned again and again to his long-promised border wall, even forcing the government to partially shut down in an effort to win funding.

An additional $9 billion in the military budget is listed under "emergency requirements", which may provide funds to build the border wall that President Trump is showing no signs of dropping as a political football. The message is: Trump isn't exactly prepared to take no for an answer here. But this budget ask is a quick and dirty way of reassuring the troops that the president isn't ready to let funding the wall drop as a legislative matter.

Perhaps the most startling and ominous figure in the budget request is the proposed increase for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), the all-purpose war-fighting category that includes funding for the USA interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, drone warfare across the wider Middle East and North Africa, and the U.S. military buildup on the borders of Russia (European Deterrence Initiative).

Trump increased his requests for border wall funding given the crisis that is occurring there, in his view; it remained at $5.7 billion throughout the recent government shutdown and since.

Amen. The last time we checked, America's "global force posture" was already unnecessarily "bolstered".

1 arrested in grenade explosion; claims Hizbul Mujahideen behind attack
The bus stand is in the heart of Jammu city. "Obviously the intention is always to disturb the communal harmony and peace". The police blamed the attack on Hizb-ul-Mujahideen outfit and said that its cadre who carried it out has been arrested.

What's the big deal if Mr. Trump's forecast is a tad positive?

Hey, is that Paul Ryan? .

Total US military spending of $750 billion would be larger than the 2018 military spending of the next 14 countries combined-China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Israel and Iraq.

The Democratic chairman of the House Budget Committee, Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, said Trump added almost $2 trillion to deficits with the GOP's "tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, and now it appears his budget asks the American people to pay the price". The latest budget also calls for repealing "Obamacare", limiting future federal spending on Medicaid for people with lower incomes, as well as breaking out the new Space Force as its own military branch. This cut will not sit well with Democrats, who in the past have called for comparable increases to defense and non-defense programs. The "harvest box" idea fell flat among Republicans the last time the White House floated it, and for good reason. Changes in health care programs, including efforts to curb "wasteful spending, fraud and abuse", would save another $1.2 trillion.

Chad Lord, policy director for the Healing Our Waters - Great Lakes Coalition expressed dismay about the proposed cut, but noted that throughout Trump's presidency, Congress has "refused to cut federal Great Lakes programs that are producing results in communities across the region".

There is continued support for missile defense, including ground-based missile work for a new missile site in Alaska. Yet just like a year ago, here are the proposed cuts. Maybe this means the president is edging back toward GOP orthodoxy to draw a bigger preliminary distinction between himself and a potential hardcore leftist 2020 challenger.

The budget also proposes tightening around the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which feeds roughly 40 million Americans and is administered by the Agriculture Department. If so, you can see where they're coming from: running the kind of campaign that's built on a carefully crafted budget proposal is the kind of thing low-energy establishment wretches do.