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"Costar Samuel L. Jackson finds their friendship one of the most moving parts of the film, previously telling EW, "[Brie's] relationship with Lashana is touching and uplifting, the conversations they have about being the only two women that were pilots and flying, and them encouraging each other and supporting each other and that whole thing, it's one of those things... She actually has an inner glow, bright light shining out from her hands.

An avalanche of publicity has touted the first female superhero to carry a Marvel film, but this is not the women's empowerment story the orchestrated hype claims.

Centering on Maria and Carol as they form new alliances, that aren't just quickly set up to propel action pieces, is fantastic. Vers is pulled into the drama of questioning the core of who she is, and that's where Larson's performance takes wing. They and their conspicuous stunt doubles engage in a battle with punches and judo throws. She fly. Photon blasts? All she needs is the classic bellhop hat.

She also gets advice from the Supreme Intelligence, an artificial intelligence (AI) that has collected the great minds in Kree history. Who wouldn't want this badass as the repository of all intelligence? The Skrulls are the scurrilous interlopers: green-skinned, lizardy elfin-eared shape-shifters, led by the wily Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), who could be impersonating just about anyone, including your closest ally.

In a noisy prologue we are introduced to the extraterrestrial Kree Empire, a noble warrior caste locked in combat with their fearsome, shapeshifting foe, the Skrull. As the story goes on, the shapeshifting also offers the film's best twists. For starters, Carol Danvers has no idea who she is.

When Larson asks Jackson if he's ever farted while filming a scene, he candidly admits, "All. The". Otherwise, with the exception of Mendelsohn's droll delivery and a stowaway cat named Goose (who knew that zero gravity cats could be so amusing?), this is an uncharacteristically dry affair for the MCU.

Jackson's witty scenes are a relief from the spectacle of fiery explosions and unexceptional action.

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After a blistering introduction featuring a bungled raid on a tribe of shapeshifting aliens known as Skrulls, she ends up in our world, on a mission to recover some top secret tech before they do. Wait, didn't James Bond wear that stunt out? It's the first volume of the run where longtime hero Carol Danvers adopted the name her late friend Mar-Vell used during his days as a superhero and donned the now-iconic blue, red and gold costume designed by Jamie McKelvie. There's also a young Agent Coulson, an explanation of how Nick Fury lost his eye, and a goddamn kitty-cat named Goose.

When the tables turned, the Oscar-winning actress asks the "Pulp Fiction" star if he honestly likes her Captain Marvel suit.

Captain Marvel is only Larson's Vers is like someone trapped in a matrix - she has to shake off the dream of who she is to locate the superwoman she could be. This year, for example, alongside Captain Marvel, soap operas Emmerdale and Neighbours have announced special episodes with all-female cast and crew. Like Larson's, their voices are overwhelmed by Marvel's homogeneous style.

Sarah's review of Captain Marvel will go up tomorrow.

"There's nothing more risky for a warrior than anger", counsels Yon-Rogg, who is determined to squash every trace of Carol's remaining humanity.

A remake of a 2015 Israeli drama, Sara Colangelo's Kindergarten Teacher is a unusual, eccentric little film, but a brilliant one. First, users swarmed Rotten Tomatoes in an attempt to decrease its score, leading to RT to disable user reviews prior to a movie's release.