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How did Trudeau defend himself?

Wilson-Raybould said that she believed she was shuffled because she would not bow to the relentless pressure.

"So, while political parties and various people are making, or trying to draw a lot of attention to this issue, there is a process, both at the justice committee and indeed at the ethics commissioner, that will make a determination on what actually happened here".

But another senior Liberal Party member said there was growing unhappiness among legislators about how Trudeau's team had handled the SNC-Lavalin matter and that the prime minister needed to replace some of his staff. "I strongly maintain, as I have from the beginning, that I and my staff always acted appropriately and professionally".

"The government likes to say, 'We were anxious about jobs.' What was clear from her [Wilson-Raybould's] statement was they were anxious about electoral concerns and a favoured company", said McLeod.

What does the ex-justice minister allege?

"I experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of Canada in an inappropriate effort", she said in her opening statement. She accepted a move to veterans' affairs on January 14 and did not resign from cabinet until February 11, five days after an anonymously sourced allegation that she had been improperly pressured first surfaced in the Globe and Mail.

Wilson-Raybould said as well that Trudeau noted that he was a Quebec MP and said that the political implications of prosecuting SNC-Lavalin could hurt him, and the Liberal Party in general in Quebec.

Personally, Hardie said, he disagrees with Wilson-Raybould's decision to pursue criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

National Chief Perry Bellegarde of the Assembly of First Nations said he was "elated" to watch Wilson-Raybould sworn into cabinet in 2015 and felt her testimony Wednesday was a show of integrity, strength and courage.

What is SNC-Lavalin accused of?

The company was facing allegations of corruption involving government contracts in Libya.

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SNC-Lavalin was seeking a so-called deferred prosecution agreement to allow the firm to escape with a fine.

SNC-Lavalin and its supporters say it would be unfair to penalise the company as a whole and its thousands of employees for the wrongdoings of former executives.

The Montreal-based construction giant has said the allegations are without merit.

If convicted criminally, the company would be banned from receiving any federal government business for a decade.

The revelations could cost Trudeau the October general election, some pundits say.

September 4 - The prosecution service tells SNC-Lavalin it will not invite the firm to negotiate a remediation agreement.

November 5 and 19 - SNC-Lavalin meets with Mathieu Bouchard, another senior adviser in the Prime Minister's Office, to discuss "justice and law enforcement".

In 2013, the World Bank barred the firm and its affiliates for up to 10 years from bidding on contracts with the agency for "misconduct" in a bridge contract in Bangladesh, the longest debarment period ever handed down in a settlement.

The spurned ex-minister: Jody Wilson-Raybould was Canada's attorney general and justice minister. Further, the RCMP must immediately open an investigation - if it has not already done so - into the numerous examples of obstruction of justice the former Attorney General detailed in her testimony.

Wilson-Raybould compared the situation to President Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" firing of the independent special prosecutor overseeing the Watergate investigation in 1973. "It will be harder for the Liberal government to dig itself out of the deep hole she dug before the next campaign".

Meanwhile NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who was elected on Monday, called on Trudeau to fully waive solicitor-client privilege so that Canadians can get the full story about what took place.