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Ramos said authorities had informed his team they would be deported on Tuesday and had to be at the airport at 8:00am local time.

U.S. television network Univision says one of its news teams is being deported from Venezuela after it was briefly detained at the presidential palace because an interview upset President Nicolas Maduro.

After the crew had been detained about three hours, NBC News reported that "Ramos and his team have been released ... but their equipment and interview material were confiscated".

In a brief interview with Univision Noticias posted on the channel's Twitter account, Ramos said Maduro shut down the interview after getting angry at questions about "the lack of democracy" and other topics.

"He got up after we showed him a photo of young people eating out of a garbage truck, then one of his ministers said the interview wasn't authorized, they took all our equipment, took our cards, took our cellphones", Ramos said via telephone.

Ramos, one of the most influential Spanish-speaking journalists in the US, told The Associated Press late Monday that Maduro cut short the interview after 17 minutes when he was shown video on an iPad shot a day earlier of young Venezuelans eating food scraps out of the back of a garbage truck.

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According to Ramos, Maduro tried to grab his iPad and as he walked away, Ramos told him he was not behaving like a president, but like a dictator.

He said they were scheduled to leave on a midday flight to Miami.

Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, said Moscow had agreed to a United States proposal to hold talks in Venezuela - a Russian ally - but that the United States had postponed them on "false pretenses".

"We were detained, there is no other word for it, for almost three hours" at Maduro's presidential palace, Ramos told reporters.

Ramos and his colleagues were held against their will at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela, for over two hours on Monday night before they were released.

The US State Department earlier said it had been notified that Ramos and his team were being held against their will at the Miraflores. The native of Mexico, who became a USA citizen in 2008, generated huge headlines when he was kicked out of a Donald Trump political event in Iowa in 2015. "Their technical equipment was also confiscated".