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Prime Minister Theresa May will on Wednesday face a vote by MPs over her newly revised Brexit strategy, which could allow them to approve an eventual delay to Britain's European Union departure.

"As Michel Barnier has said, we don't need more time, what we need most of all is a decision", Macron said after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris, referring to the EU's chief Brexit negotiator.

The party's own plan for a softer Brexit including a customs union with the EU was defeated once more in a Commons vote yesterday.

Think it's very significant indeed I mean it is a mark shift in the policy of the Labour Party; now the matter goes to the floor of the House of Commons and it will be interesting to see whether this will happen, there may be just enough Labour MPs opposed to this to cancel out the conservatives who would be in favor of it.

"If we were going on a People's Vote based on a deal that has gone through parliament in some form, if that got voted down then you'd have status quo, and that would be remain", he told the Evening Standard.

"We would have reluctantly had to support the Yvette Cooper, Letwin amendment today if that was the only way we could stop a no-deal Brexit", he told Nick Ferrari.

"Disappointed the government has rejected Labour's alternative Brexit deal", Labour's Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, said.

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Mr McDonnell confirmed that if there were to be a second referendum, that he would vote to remain in the EU.

The UK Conservative Government and the opposition Labour Party are now in turmoil after a string of resignations from both parties led to the formation of the new "Independent Group" in the UK Parliament.

Moments after the result was declared, the shadow Brexit minister Matthew Pennycook said it was now "time to wholeheartedly get behind efforts to facilitate a new public vote that includes the option of staying in the EU".

"That's why Labour will put forward or support an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit".

While the Conservative defectors left due to Brexit primarily, Labour MPs have additionally been concerned with the direction of the Labour Party under socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The government caved in on a vote it looked set to lose, agreeing to guarantee the rights of European Union citizens living in Britain whether or not the United Kingdom leaves the bloc without a Brexit deal.

The Derby North MP was filmed telling a meeting of pro-Corbyn activists Labour should have pushed back more during the recent row over antisemitism. Last week, eight referendum-supporting lawmakers quit the party, in part owing to frustration over his failure to back another vote.