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Amazon is reconsidering their plan to build physical headquarters in New York City after receiving backlash from politicians, according to two Washington Post sources close with the company.

Earlier, the Post, which is owned by Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, reported that Amazon executives had had internal discussions to reassess the situation in ny and explore alternatives.

The Washington Post - citing two people who were familiar with company's thinking - said the company is considering pulling out of the deal after continually running into resistance from some local ny officials.

The person briefed on the matter said that Amazon was still working toward winning approval from NY officials and had not given up on the proposal, but was considering potential alternatives to NY. Even before these subsidies, New York City has been struggling to fund acceptable public transportation and affordable housing.

A half dozen more hearings are scheduled for January through March in advance of a vote by the New York State Public Authorities Control Board, which according to state law has final say over the "approval of the financing and construction of any project proposed by state public benefit corporations".

Last year Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Post, promised an investment of $5 billion and over 50,000 jobs between Queens and Arlington.

An article in the Washington Post suggests Amazon is growing impatient with pushback from certain public officials and could pull the plug on the deal to put its next headquarters in Queens. Amazon was down 2.3 percent at $1,576.98 just before noon in NY.

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Amazon is likely threatening this pullout to concentrate minds among NY politicians, in an effort to pin blame on them for "losing" Amazon.

In Queens, Amazon is moving into an established area that's been going through transition lately; it is also where residents are already feeling the pressure of new jobs, rising rents and forced relocations of some local businesses. "Whether it's building a pipeline of local jobs through workforce training or funding computer science classes for thousands of New York City students, we are working hard to demonstrate what kind of neighbor we will be", said Amazon spokesman Jodi Seth.

"The Dallas bid for Amazon HQ2 was a phenomenal example of our city leaders and a broad mix of private sector players working in concert". After the announcement for HQ2, the so-called Everything Store plastered Queens with flyers about how great it is and why it would be a good addition to the neighborhood (Gianaris sent corresponding flyers telling Amazon to stick to Seattle).

Though, both the governor and the mayor continue to fully support the deal to bring the tech giant to New York City. He further added that Amazon wanted to "be part of the growth of a community where our employees and our company are welcome".

Basically, the whole thing could be summed up as "nice Amazon deal, New York".

NY also offered up to $505 million in subsidies.

Sure, Amazon shimmied into Virginia and got everything it wanted.