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The egg made its debut outside of Instagram after the Super Bowl to talk about mental health in a video released by Hulu. If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression and thinking of suicide, know that someone is always there. The World Record Egg had cracks all over it in the photo, which was teased two days ahead of the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, when this egg broke Kylie's record, the Hollywood starlet's admirer and singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh took amusing revenge by cracking an egg into pieces. "We got this." It's a powerful message that's further emphasised on by the egg subsequently springing back to life with a smile on its little, animated face. Highly recommend watching it. Props to Hulu and this egg.

The post reached 52 million favorites, holding the record for Instagram's most-liked image.

Before the reveal, Instagram users had all kinds of theories of what would be in the egg.

The egg is then shown whole again, with a link to Mental Health America's website.

Lawsuit alleges "inhumane conditions" at Brooklyn federal jail where power failed
Bob McGee, a spokesman for power company Con Edison, said they are ready to reconnect the electricity once repairs are completed. A spokesperson for MDC said in part, "Inmates have hot water for showers and hot water in the sinks in the cell".

The trio of Brits who cooked up the now-famous, record-breaking, Super Bowl-smashing egg have finally spoken out.

. "Recently I've started to crack", the advert starts, accompanied by an animation of the egg crumbling to pieces. If you're feeling the pressure, visit talkingegg.info to find out more. "An egg is an egg, it's universal", Godfrey said.

Experts had estimated the first brand to crack the egg's market might pay as much as $10 million for the exposure. "This is about Eugene the egg and what the egg can do". Leading up to the big reveal, Hulu also held a questionnaire on its Instagram Stories, asking fans to guess what they thought was inside the egg.

Godfrey told the New York Times that the egg's success was a "fluke that caught the world's attention", and that "it's what you do with that attention that counts".