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President Donald Trump blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday for a government shutdown that he has already said he was "proud" to cause.

The longest-ever government shutdown is a result of the bitter political divided over birder security issue as the Democrats who now enjoy majority in the House have refused to approve a legislation approving United States dollars 5.7 billion in federal funding to construct a wall across the US-Mexico border.

The letter, drafted by Senators Lindsey Graham, the Republican from SC, and Christopher Coons, the Democrat from DE, sets out a commitment indicating they'll work toward a border wall security package with the president if he reopens the government for a limited period.

It took President Donald Trump one day to flex his executive power back at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, denying her an aircraft to visit troops overseas in apparent response to her attempt to delay his State of Union address. Pelosi wrote that expending government resources to ensure the event's security would be inappropriate considering that both the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security are now without funding. The impasse over the president's demand for billions for his proposed border wall, which Democrats reject, continues. Trump is demanding $5 billion to fund a wall along the Mexican border.

Ahead of the meeting they wrote there is "strong agreement that if we reopen the government, the possibility exists to work together and find common ground".

"We want to keep her in Washington", Sanders said.

The White House has been trying to peel lawmakers away from Pelosi but Trump's invitations to Democrats earlier this week were declined. With 800,000 federal employees back at work and getting paid, why would Democrats agree to provide billions in taxpayer money for a keystone of Trump's presidential campaign that they hate and that he promised repeatedly Mexico would finance?

Trump met a bipartisan group of lawmakers Wednesday that included seven Democrats.

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In their response to the president's address to the nation, Schumer and Pelosi accused Trump of "manufacturing a crisis".

Trump's move to ground the speaker came after Pelosi threatened Trump's planned January 29 State of the Union address, saying the shutdown raised concerns about whether the forum could have adequate security.

More than 2,000 respondents were asked whether their family had lost any income, expected to lose income or relied on any government services that had been shut down. "It would be completely inappropriate for President Trump to further deplete the agency's resources and manpower for the sole goal of having an hour of uninterrupted prime time television coverage", he said.

It was announced on Wednesday that the Trump administration is calling almost 50,000 staff back to work, unpaid, in a bid to minimise the shutdown's impact.

Hassett told reporters the White House is doubling its estimate of the strain on the economy of the shutdown, and now calculates that it is slowing growth by about 0.1 percentage points a week.

Trump, who a week ago seemed intent on declaring a national emergency in order to build the wall, has turned his attention back to Congress as polling suggests he is taking much of the blame for the standoff. They're from a bipartisan group called the Problem Solvers Caucus.

The White House said the meeting was fruitful. Now on it's 26th day and with no resolution in sight, the partial shutdown became the longest in American history when it reached 22 days, over the weekend, beating a record set in 1996.