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The facility located near 16th Street and South Mountain Avenue said in a statement last Friday that it had "recently become aware of a deeply disturbing incident involving the health and safety of a Hacienda resident" but did not provide more information.

"We don't know who this person is yet".

Social media was flooded with outrage over why police will not call the investigation of a woman in a vegetative state being impregnated, then giving birth a sex crime.

He refused to say whether the hospital would subject its male staff members to DNA tests to help identify a suspect.

"Bill Timmons, longtime Chief Executive Officer of Hacienda HealthCare, has terminated his employment from the company effective immediately", a Tuesday statement from the facility to HuffPost reads. At the time Bill was starting his career with Hacienda HealthCare, the company was serving 63 clients with a staff of 105. The woman has been a patient at this facility for at least a decade following a near-drowning incident, the Phoenix-based station quoted its source as saying.

Cesena's daughter almost drowned 14 years ago and was left with a traumatic brain injury that caused her to have hundreds of seizures a day.

She said no one reported that incident exclusively out of fear, and she believes there's been other abuse throughout the years.

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"As an organization, Hacienda HealthCare stands fully committed to getting to the truth of what, for us, represents an unprecedented matter", David Leibowitz, spokesman for Hacienda HealthCare, said in a statement released to ABC News.

Gary Orman, the executive vice president of the company's board, said it would "accept nothing less than a full accounting of this absolutely horrifying situation".

Rep. Jeff Weninger told KPHO one idea would be to allow families to install cameras in the rooms of their loved ones so they could be monitored remotely.

According to police in Phoenix, the case is being investigated as a possible sexual assault.

Govenor Doug Ducey's office has called the situation "deeply troubling".

"I saw people disappear and never come back", she said. Arizona Department of Health Services found that in 2013 a male employee at the facility was making inappropriate sexual comments about patients bodies and was subsequently fired, and in 2017 the facility was reported for not offering privacy for patients while showering. The alleged incidents weren't reported to the facility's administrators until a month after they occurred.

A former caregiver of the victim whose identity was kept private expressed shock to ABC 15 that the facility's staff did not realize the patient was pregnant.