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The finding was recently detailed by Central Michigan University, where geology faculty member Mona Sirbescu was asked to take a look at the unusual 22lbs rock.

"For 18 years, the answer has been categorically "no" - meteor wrongs, not meteorites", Sibescu said in a statement from CMU on Thursday.

"I could tell right away that this was something special", Sirbescu said.

The charred hunk of space debris is the sixth largest meteorite ever found in the state, and it's estimated worth tops $100,000.

The rock was reportedly found in the 1930s on a MI farm, where it was put to use as a doorstop. "I wonder how much mine is worth, '" the man said.

The rock landed on Earth sometime in the 1930s, according its proprietor, who procured it in 1988 when he purchased a farm in Edmore, roughly 30 miles southwest of Mount Pleasant.

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David says the man who sold him the barn described the fantastic tale of the meteorite making an impact crater in the backyard. Upon purchasing it, he noticed a large rock holding the door open, according to Central Michigan University.

"The story goes that it was collected immediately after they witnessed the big boom and the actual meteorite was dug out from a crater", Sirbescu said, but added that the tale has been passed down without eyewitness confirmations.

A new buyer soon moved to Grand rapids, he would sometimes let the kids take it for essays in school, this man had no idea what "guest from space" can cost a small fortune.

An additional sample was sent to John Wasson, professor emeritus in the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences department at the University of California, Los Angeles, who will conduct a neutron activation analysis to determine the full chemical composition of the meteorite and potentially reveal rare elements that could increase its value.

The meteorite's anonymous owner is promising to donate 10% of sale proceeds to the university.

"I'm done using it as a doorstop", Mazurek told the station. A mineral museum is also looking at buying the rock.