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The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said past year it would seek to more actively encourage nominations of women researchers to begin addressing the imbalance.

She has been teaching at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, since 1997, where she oversees an ultrafast laser lab and works with a team of undergraduate and graduate students. Such lasers are now used in corrective eye operations.

Reacting to her win, Dr Strickland, who is based at the University of Waterloo in Canada, said: "First of all you have to think it's insane, so that was my first thought".

Arnault is also suspected of violating century-old Nobel rules by leaking names of winners of the prestigious award, allegedly seven times, starting in 1996.

The inventions revolutionized the field, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences noted in its announcement.

Strickland and Mourou's work increased the power and intensity of lasers by stretching, amplifying and compressing the beams.

Arthur Ashkin of Bell Laboratories in the United States won half of the 2018 prize for inventing "optical tweezers", while Strickland shared the remainder with Frenchman Gerard Mourou, who also has USA citizenship, for work on high-intensity lasers. "Mother Wins Nobel Physics Prize". And hopefully in time it'll start to move forward at a faster rate, maybe'.

Ashkin invented "optical tweezers" that use focused beams of light to grab particles, atoms and molecules.

In May, the academy - which was founded by King Gustav III in 1786 and is still under royal patronage - announced that in view of its "currently diminished" membership and the public's "reduced confidence" in its deliberations, it would not be awarding a prize this year.

Then, in 1987, he used the tweezers to capture living bacteria without harming them.

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"Dr. Donna Strickland, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at #UWaterloo, is one of three scientists to win this year's Nobel Prize in Physics".

In connection with Strickland and Morou's developments, they were successful in creating a new technology to enable ultra-short high-intensity laser pulses.

Both Mourou and Strickland have connections to the University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics.

Arnault is married to a member of the Swedish Academy which selects the Nobel Literature Prize victor, with the scandal prompting the postponement of this year's award.

"We are obviously disappointed", Arnault's lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig told TT.

The female laureate among the three is just the third to get the award, and the first woman in 55 years to be so honored.

Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, followed by Maria Goeppert-Mayer in 1963.

He even suggested there could be no Nobel Literature Prize awarded in 2019 either - which is counter to the academy's current plan to award both the 2018 and the 2019 literature Nobels next year.

With the exception of economics, the prizes were endowed by Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel (1833-96), the inventor of dynamite.

Meanwhile, the Nobel Committee will announce the Nobel Chemistry Prize on Wednesday, 3 October; Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, 5 October, and Nobel Economic Sciences on 8 October, Monday.